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Ford unveils enhanced 2025 Police Interceptor Utility

The latest iteration of this police SUV introduces advanced updates and safety features

By Police1 Staff

Ford has officially opened the order banks for the 2025 model year of the Police Interceptor Utility (PIU).

This year’s model features an enlarged center display, which offers superior imagery, graphics and enhanced over-the-air (OTA) capabilities, marking a substantial upgrade over its predecessors. The introduction of the Ford Pro Upfit Integration System (UIS) streamlines the upfitting process with added functionality and intelligent vehicle programming for law enforcement agencies.

Further enhancing its pursuit capabilities, the 2025 PIU introduces a Manual Police Pursuit Mode, complementing the Automatic Pursuit Mode available in previous models. This new feature improves drivability and power delivery during critical scenarios, such as maneuvering through tight traffic conditions.

The vehicle also maintains its front-end design, including the grille, allowing for the cost-effective transition of upfitting components from older models, thereby reducing expenses for police departments.

Safety and productivity features are at the forefront of the 2025 Police Interceptor Utility, with several key technologies coming standard. The Police Perimeter Alert system enhances situational awareness by detecting moving threats around the vehicle, activating safety measures such as the rear camera, chime alerts, automatic window closure and door locking. The Police Engine Idle and Police Dark Car features cater to specific operational needs like quick vehicle exit without compromising security and stealth operations during surveillance missions. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with advanced driver assist technologies, including an updated automatic emergency braking system, Blind Spot Monitoring with Cross-traffic Alert (BLIS), and enhanced radar systems for improved performance.

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