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New Knives from ESEE to be presented at SHOTshow 2017

The Tertiary was developed by SWAT officer Lee Smith as a Law Enforcement/ Military defense tool. Born from the legendary lzula line, the 11Tertiary’’ name (meaning third in order or level) comes from an edged weapon’s natural place in the panoply of personal weapons (primary firearm, backup firearm and then close-quarters weapons). Its design characteristics target specific professional needs such as swift, effective deployment, reliable cutting and penetration, low visibility profile, modular carry options, and robust, simple construction. Simple straight punch, jab, and hammer fist strikes yield tremendous cutting potential with minima l training or effort. The sheath works well in the waist area from the 10 to 2 o’ clock positions. Clipped in a vertical position under a duty belt or inside the pants gives more than enough retention for a clean draw stroke and safer-sheathing. The clip plate can be removed to expose the accessory holes to facilitate paracording to MOLLE webbing, or worn as a neck sheath.