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Struggling to recruit? Check out these 5 police recruitment videos to turn the tide

From the “most epic recruitment video ever” to an inside look at what it’s like to be a campus officer, these videos are sure to inspire departments for years to come


By Police1 Staff

In a recent Police1 poll, officers from across the country were asked to decide what the biggest challenge was for law enforcement in 2021. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said recruitment and retention was the biggest challenge. This is especially concerning, because we must always look at the larger picture: what does the future of policing look like if the candidate pools keep shrinking?

And because our current (and future) generation is social media savvy, many departments have had to trade the pen and paper for a more visual depiction of what it’s really like to be a part of law enforcement. Cue all the creative and unique police recruitment videos!

Below, we’ve compiled our list of the top police department recruitment videos from this year. And, if we missed your department’s, email us at and we’ll add them at the end of our roundup.

1. Miami PD’s ‘most EPIC recruitment video EVER’

Two words: “Miami style.” But seriously, this recruitment video, which has over 42,000 views and counting, performed so well that the department reached their limit of applications shortly after the video debuted. The video, which starts by showing off the city’s unique culture, includes sidewalk interviews as well as which jobs are available in a variety of units.

2. There’s “No better time than now” to join the CHARLESTON, S.C., POLICE DEPARTMENT

Sometimes, hearing why someone decided to join the law enforcement profession is more impactful than an overly hyped up video (no hate, Miami PD). And that’s what this recruitment video delivers – a heartfelt message during a time where some cops are leaving the profession. It’s important to remember the “why,” and these Charleston officers are sure to inspire the next generation of officers.

3. NY Police Department adds some ‘sizzle’ to their recruitment efforts

The Town of Colonie, N.Y., is the third-largest town in Albany County. The video starts out with a history lesson of the town and department – only to be interrupted by an officer saying it needs more “sizzle.” Enter: fast patrol cars, SWAT teams and doors blowing up. The latter may have been too much, though. In all seriousness, an officer, who had been arrested by the department at a young age, explains how becoming a police officer saved him from going down the wrong path in life. This is an important message to kids who may believe their past is also their future.

4. Va. police department puts the “community” in community policing

This recruitment video goes into great detail about how important community policing is in 2021. After all, if you don’t understand your community, how can you expect to connect with your residents? The video takes a more serious approach, but it seems like it’s working since it has over 30,000 views on YouTube.

5. This Fla. University PD gives an inside look into life as an officer on campus

The University of Central Florida (UCF) Police Department has 80 sworn officers, who serve over 68,000 students and 13,000 employees. It’s important to remember that there are all types of police departments when you’re searching for a job. One perk of working on campus? UCF offers all staff members – including officers – to get six credit hours per semester paid for. One UCF officer said she utilized this perk throughout her master’s program. And, guess what? She didn’t have to pay for a single class!

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