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Watch Miami PD’s ‘most EPIC recruitment video EVER’

Two words: “Miami style”

Miami Police recruitment video Department

Miami Police Department

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By Madeleine Marr
Miami Herald

MIAMI — Want to work for the Miami Police Department? Before you answer that question, you may want to check out the agency’s new recruitment video.

“Our most EPIC police recruitment video EVER,” promises the caption for the four-minute clip that looks like a cross between an MTV music video and a scene from “C.O.P.S.”

The video starts out with two uniformed officers atop a Miami skyscraper.

“The chief wants us to make a video to announce that we’re hiring,” says one, unveiling a DJ turntable. “This is Miami, let’s do it Miami style.”

“I like it, I like it,” says another officer, heading to the rail and looking out onto the city. “Let’s see if the 305 will help us out.”

A remix of Rick Astley’s 1980s classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” begins to thump.

A montage of officers going about their daily duties are shown along with snazzy footage of Calle Ocho, Wynwood, Brickell and downtown Miami, as well as interviews with regular folks praising the work they do.

“They show us love, protect us,” gushes one resident.

“Very professional and approachable and keeping the streets safe,” another man says.

“When something pops off in the city, Miami police are the first ones to get there,” remarks a woman. “And that’s why in my book they’re heroes. Instead of running away from the danger they go toward it.”

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Jobs are available in a variety of units on the ground, sea and air, including positions in Aviation Detail, SWAT, K-9 Units and Bomb Squad.

No mention of the unmentionables, however: Namely, there’s no permanent police chief at at the moment. Earlier this month, Miami city commissioners voted unanimously to fire Police Chief Art Acevedo just six months after he took the job. Assistant Police Chief Manny Morales is interim chief.

Now that the video is out, the department will start accepting applications for officers on Nov. 1. Go to

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