Use 'hooded drills' for maximum impact in minimum time

Hooded reaction drills have been used to sharpen elite special ops teams in the military for years, but they seem to have made relatively little penetration into law enforcement training. Too bad, because they’re a low-cost means of delivering maximum intensity to trainees in a minimum amount of time.

“In a single room with a single set of role-players, you can run an officer through five to ten hooded drills in just a few minutes,” says one law enforcement proponent, perennial ILEETA trainer Kevin Davis. Here’s how he does it:

The officer being tested is positioned with a towel or other covering draped over his head to block his vision. One or more role-players quietly take places nearby, either right in his face or with some reactionary gap, depending on the scenario. As the players kick into their act, an instructor suddenly yanks the hood off the officer’s head and he is expected to control whatever action-in-progress he sees.

“It could be a single drunk, a couple engaged in a domestic, a suspect threatening the officer with a knife, a hostage-taker with a gun to a victim’s head — you’re limited only by your imagination,” Davis says. “In some scenarios, one of the role-players could be in uniform so the tested officer is forced to work with a partner in establishing control.”

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