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Connect 2020: Lexipol’s Virtual User Conference

Learn from top instructors and join other police professionals to explore how you can leverage policy and training tools to solve your top challenges


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Are you looking to improve community relationships, learn the latest developments in public safety technology and implement real change in your agency?

Join us virtually for Lexipol’s first-ever user group conference: Connect 2020!

On Wednesday, Oct. 14, explore how we can serve “Better Together.”

You will experience:

  • expert discussions on the current and future public safety climate

  • time with risk management expert and Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham

  • live and on-demand educational sessions

  • insight on how to better serve and protect your community

  • information on how Lexipol’s policy management, online training and grant services platforms help solve today’s public safety challenges

Now is the time to connect with other public safety leaders, hear from industry experts and learn more about how Lexipol’s products can better help you protect your communities. Attendance is free and registration is open.

Additionally, all conference materials will be available for 30 days after the event.

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