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Video: Integrating failure drills in your segmented training

In this video tactical tip, Police1 Contributor Duane Wolfe discusses and demonstrates how you can integrate practicing failure drills in your segmented training

In this Tactical Tips police training video, Duane Wolfe and Lee Shaykhet, review segmented training in law enforcement. They discuss how police academies often teach the use of equipment like handcuffs, batons, TASERs and OC spray in isolation, without integrating these tools into a cohesive response strategy. Duane highlights the dangers of officers relying solely on one tool without considering its effectiveness in real-time situations, leading to potential failure and risking officer safety.

Duane’s key message is to never expect any tool to be 100% effective and to always have alternative strategies ready, thereby combining various training segments into a fluid, comprehensive system.

This video, originally posted on April 1, 2016, has been updated.

In February 2014, Duane Wolfe retired from his career as a Minnesota Peace Officer after more than 25 years of service (beginning in 1988). During his career, he served as a patrolman, sergeant, S.R.T., use of force and firearms instructor. He was a full-time law enforcement instructor at Alexandria Technical & Community College in Alexandria, Minnesota for 28 years. Duane has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Bemidji State University and a Masters Degree in Education from Southwest State University.