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Wis. police seek autism training with P1 Academy

As autism grows, so does the necessity for police to train on interacting with people with ASD

By Sarah Thomsen

GREEN BAY, Wis. — A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a larger number of children than ever thought — 1 in 68 — have autism. That raises the likelihood many of us, including police, have of dealing with an autistic person, prompting police to take a new look at their training.

“We are being a little more proactive. We understand it. As anything becomes more common, we want to use that as an opportunity to train our officers,” Lieutenant Chad Ramos of the Green Bay Police Department said.

Each week, Lt. Ramos searches through more than 600 training videos on Police1 Academy for a new topic.

“It’s enough that it covers a few training points and that’s it, so hopefully the point comes across pretty well.” The five-minute videos range from handling an active shooter to crowd control to something rarely addressed in law enforcement: autism.

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