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Electric vehicle implementation for police

If your department hasn’t yet made the move towards electric, in this series you’ll learn why the myths about EVs are selling them short, and what you need to know to transition toward an electric fleet.

The time has come for EVs to take on patrol car duties
Early forays into EVs have identified high performance with lower maintenance costs
As automakers add electric options for their public safety customers, here is what you need to know for 2023 and beyond
With over four decades of expertise in power management, Vanner joining forces with Havis represents a union of complementary strengths
The fleet will consist of on-road and all-terrain vehicles, including Ford Lightning trucks, Ford Mustang Mach Es, Polaris Rangers and versatile all-terrain vehicles
Download this guide to learn why EVs are a good fit for law enforcement and how to plan for adoption
A city in Ohio is projected to save $8.15M after investing in EVs and microgrids
Answering FAQ about electric vehicle deployment in law enforcement
Here’s the skinny: Electric vehicles will save your agency money, improve your fleet and keep your department current with vehicle technology
Key questions to ask before you go electric