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Policing Matters Podcast

Policing Matters

Policing Matters is a weekly law enforcement podcast bringing you the latest news and critical issues impacting police officers. Listen as Police1 columnist and Deputy Chief Jim Dudley (ret.) sits down with law enforcement and criminal justice experts from across the country to talk strategy and trends in policing.

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“Great leadership is needed at more than just the bridge; it is needed at every level of the organization.”
“This is about the opportunity to function as a guardian before we have to function as a warrior.”
“If I can help one person, then I have accomplished my mission.”
The Veterans Justice Initiative partners with local law enforcement to identify veterans who could benefit from services and how to improve officer resiliency
The renowned criminologist talks about the need to develop effective strategies and programs to reduce gun violence and hold offenders accountable
“We are now walking the path we need to walk for true suicide prevention.”
The founder of Citizens Behind the Badge discusses his goal of enabling the voices of law enforcement supporters to be heard loud and clear
Alicia Wadas recently received a first-ever recognition for her impact while serving as president of the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association
“The goal is to prevent whatever the situation is from escalating up to the point that force would have had to be used.”
“When you are talking about gunfire in urban areas, time is of the essence.”