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How emotional intelligence benefits officers both on and off duty

Emotional intelligence is a key part of being a successful communicator

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Policing often involves personal communications between the officer and a variety of other actors including peers, supervisors, citizens, crime victims and offenders, yet development of communication skills receives little attention in the police academy.

Emotional intelligence is a key part of being a successful communicator, as well as providing benefits in many areas of your life. On this episode of Policing Matters, host Jim Dudley chats with Dr. Michael Goold and Dr. Obed Magny about the need for agencies to provide training for officers to develop their emotional intelligence skills.


Dr. Michael Goold retired as a chief of police after 23 years in law enforcement. He served in many capacities including patrol officer, communications center supervisor, corrections watch commander and CSI/detective division assistant commander. His doctoral dissertation examined traumatic stress and 9-1-1 personnel. He is a certified executive coach and certified facilitator in emotional intelligence. Most importantly, he’s a husband, father and grandfather.

Dr. Obed Magny is the founder and CEO of Magny Leadership, a service offering emotional intelligence training and coaching for law enforcement and justice professionals. Obed is an international keynote speaker and advocate for evidence-based policing. He helps police organizations become transformative in building trust and legitimacy by creating innovative strategies to reduce negative interactions between public safety officers and the public, all of which are part of his mission to change the perspectives of public safety from negative to positive. Dr. Obed is a police officer with 17 years of experience.


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