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Video: Deputies mow lawn for elderly Marine vet in need

Deputies in Florida stepped in for a Marine vet in need of help


By Police1 Staff

CANTONMENT, Fla. — Deputies in Florida went above and beyond for a Marine veteran after conducting a welfare check.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, deputies recently checked in on an 87-year-old man and noticed he needed some help around his home. The sheriff’s office said neighbors noticed a change to the 24-year Marine veteran’s home since he lost his wife five years ago to cancer.

“His neighbors had noticed that ever since his wife passed away, he really hasn’t had the willingness to take care of himself, or his house, or his yard,” Deputy Jake Bandurski told

The LEOs decided to step in to lend a helping hand to the elderly veteran. Deputies brought their own lawn equipment and tools to get the man’s yard back into shape.

“Every one of them showed up today just very willing, every one open to helping out someone that was wasn’t physically able or mentally able to help themselves,” Bandurski said.

Bandurski reminded residents to check on their neighbors if they notice something different about their home.

“If you see someone in your community…that looks like something hasn’t been right, if their yard is overgrown, just try and talk to them. These are your neighbors. Everyone has a story,” Bandurski said.