Survey: Officer uniform colors in tactical response situations

Many Florida school districts have implemented a school guardian program, with many discussions about appropriate tactical response uniform colors

By Sheena Carach

In response to the Parkland shooting that took place in 2018, many Florida school districts implemented a school guardian program, aiming to be a first-line tactical response in the event of an active assailant. There have been many discussions about appropriate tactical response uniform colors.

The most popular police uniform colors in the United States are black, blue, brown, green and gray, while the most common tactical response uniforms are black, olive, navy, khaki and camo. 

While studies show that blue uniforms are viewed as the friendliest and least forceful, solid black uniforms are associated with aggression and the most forceful. 

Questions have been raised if police and/or tactical responders should switch to brighter colors, such as yellow, which would be less inconspicuous and make them more identifiable to help prevent friendly fire. 

This research study is designed to gather information from officers on the pros and cons on uniform color in a tactical response situation.

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About the author

Sheena Carach is president of "I DONUT Need A Reason To Thank A Cop, Inc."

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