Chip McCormick's new 1911 Railed Power Mag keeps the ammo flowing

This new 1911 magazine offers double the service life of their original Power Mag

The latest Power Mag from Chip McCormick uses a patent-pending design to keep the ammo flowing and to keep the slide open on your favorite 1911. This new design uses a laser-welded stainless tube, a two-leaf formed follower, folded over “feed rails” instead of feed lips, and either 19 coils of high tensile strength rocket wire in the 10-round version or 18 coils of rocket wire in the eight-rounder. Per Josh Cole, CMC’s LE and military accounts manager, this new 1911 magazine offers double the service life of their original Power Mag, or four times the life of standard 1911 magazines.

As you can see in the above photo, the follower is a complex folded-metal shape with two leaves. The bottom leaf attaches to the spring, and the top leaf supports the bottommost round in the magazine. The top leaf is slightly offset from the bottom leaf. When the last round is stripped from the magazine, the asymmetrical opening in the top of the magazine allows the top leaf to pivot slightly, ensuring positive contact with the slide stop. Before you ask, this follower is safe to use with both steel and alloy frames.

In the second photo, you can see not only how the magazine opening is asymmetrical to allow the top leaf of the follower to pivot, but you can also see how the magazine lips are formed from metal which has been folded over for additional strength. In effect, feed rails.

Both seven-round ($20.88 LE pricing) and 10-round ($22.59 LE pricing) magazines are shipping now.

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