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From triathlons to parkour and beyond, these extreme sports align ever so nicely with first responder functional fitness workouts
This top-ranked trick shot pool player turned pro at 16, but found his true calling in law enforcement
Police and fire agencies worked together to prepare and care for a major ski event
A hospital spokesperson said 11 children were among those who were injured; police said two people have been detained
After a panel discussion on criminal justice, sports and pursuing dreams, students were given the opportunity to talk with officers in small groups
The department will have recruiting tables set up at each of the team’s three December home games
Tyler Moldovan was not expected to survive his injuries, but has made a “miraculous” recovery
The former third baseman, whose father served as an officer, acknowledges police work might’ve become a career “if I had had to get a real job”
This top-ranked trick shot pool player turned pro at 16, but found his true calling in law enforcement
The settlement sum aims to resolve the remaining claims in a lawsuit over deputies and firefighters sharing photos of the NBA star’s fatal helicopter crash
When and where to watch the First Responder Bowl, plus a brief history of this unique event
According to the tweet, Sgt. Dustin Demonte was planning to attend a Dolphins’ game before he was killed last week
Vanessa Bryant claims deputies did not take the photos for investigative purposes and shared them with firefighters who responded to the crash scene
Kelly Fisher Goodwin described the police academy as one of the most challenging things she has ever done
Det. Jamie Huntley-Park may not have been there in body, but she was in spirit
Move over, Olympics. Registration opens Feb. 15 for this competition for first responders
The overwhelming show of force reflects the importance of this single game to the country, officials said
When she’s not on the ice, Justine Todd works as a use-of-force instructor in Ontario
Bengals superfan Herbert Davis was shot in the line of duty last week and now is headed to Super Bowl LVI
Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell is also facing charges of resisting arrest and public exposure
The union said some of its members are “troubled” that the NFL has chosen to support certain groups
“I was going to live a fulfilled life [as a cop],” said Chris Daukaus. “But I didn’t want to have a ‘what if’ moment”
When Deputy Hall saw a spectator having trouble, he didn’t hesitate to offer a hand
Cops cheer on their hometown athletes, rain or shine
Biles said the officer “felt bad” and would have accepted Olympic training as a good excuse for speeding
When she’s not chasing Olympic glory, Mulern Jean works as a school resource officer in South Carolina
The FBI said it had “no reason to believe” that the game was under threat, but local Denver police officials refused to rule out the possibility of a mass shooting plot
The country’s first emergency services cycling club completed its inaugural charity ride in June, crossing 300 miles of English countryside
This program outfits every patrol car in the county with a sports bag to give officers another way to engage with youth in their communities