Video shows Md. officer de-escalating suicide by cop attempt

Officer Angel Villaronga talked down a man who threatened him with a knife and asked officers to “do their job” and shoot him

By Police1 Staff

BALTIMORE — Recently obtained body camera footage shows a Baltimore police officer talking down a man with a knife who approached police and asked them to shoot him.

WBFF reports that Officer Angel Villaronga encountered the man, who identified himself as “Phillip,” in September. Phillip threatened Villaronga with a knife and asked officers to “do their job” and shoot him. 

After five minutes of talking to the man, Villaronga convinced him to hand over the knife. 

"At 13 years old, I had the same situation happen with my father, and he was gonna jump off the roof," Ofc. Villaronga recounted. "So, we had NYPD there and they asked me to go up. They don't want to see my mom, because that's gonna make him jump. So, de-escalation, right there."

The man was taken to a hospital for treatment, but no other information about him is known at this time.


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