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Home Depot employee fired for pursuing kidnapping suspect

Dillon Reagan was told he broke a safety violation of leaving the store premises while on duty

By Police1 Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Home Depot employee said he was fired because he pursued a kidnapping suspect.

Dillon Reagan, 32, told KGW that he was finishing his shift at work on May 12 when his co-worker yelled for help after witnessing a domestic dispute in the parking lot.

“I stepped outside and sure enough, there’s this lady whose frantic and crying, ‘Somebody help me please! He’s stealing my kid, he’s kidnapping my child,’” Reagan said.

Reagan and his co-worker called the police and followed the suspect on foot until police arrived to return the child to the mother. He said he was just thinking of the child’s safety and returned to work about 10 minutes later after giving a statement to police.

Later, Reagan’s manager approached him and told him he “did the wrong thing. You should have just gone back to work.”

He was fired on June 19 for breaking a safety violation of leaving the store premises while on duty, KATU reported.

Home Depot issued a statement Wednesday that said they reversed their decision to fire Reagan.

“We took a second look at this and have let Mr. Reagan know that we’ve decided to reverse our decision, based on the circumstances. We always do our diligence to make sure associates are treated fairly, which we’ve done in this case,” the statement said.

When asked if he would work for the company again, Reagan said no and he hopes his next employer would respond better during an emergency.

“We should be doing the right thing regardless of what company policy is, regardless of what the consequence is,” he said. “What’s good and what’s right, supersedes what’s policy and what’s orders. Hands down.”