Md. officer struck by car while responding to report of theft

The officer went over the hood and into the front windshield

By Sarah Calams

TEMPLE HILLS, Md. — An officer was struck and injured by a suspect fleeing in a stolen vehicle Wednesday. 

The Prince George's County Police was investigating a report of a theft, which linked to the use of a stolen credit card taken from a vehicle in Washington, D.C., CBS Baltimore reported. The victim told police the stolen card was being used at a local body shop.

When police approached the body shop, a suspect sped out of the garage in a vehicle and struck an officer. The officer went over the hood and into the front windshield, according to the report. A second officer shot at the vehicle as the suspect fled the scene and began pursuing the vehicle. 

Three suspects, who are now all in custody, bailed out of the vehicle during the pursuit. The vehicle was later found to be reported as stolen. The injured officer was treated and later released from the hospital. 

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