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20 steps to effectively securing a confession
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Data from a recent CARFAX for Police report highlights vehicle theft trends
Addressing the impact of organized and rampant retail theft on California and beyond
“Stealing is not OK. These people just go out and steal, not because they’re in need, because they can and they won’t get in trouble,” Sheriff Jim Cooper said
The man, suspected of grand theft auto, eventually surrendered and was taken into custody
Officers followed the tracker into a neighboring county where they found the cart and several other stolen items inside of a trailer
The ring was responsible for nearly 500 catalytic converter thefts, as well as thefts of jewelry stores and ATMs
The suspect ran across the freeway and hid inside the porta-potty; a golfer pushed it over to trap him inside
Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper wrote on social media that some retail organizations thwarted a police operation meant to stop shoplifters
Officers from multiple departments were able to surround and stop the suspected thief, who told them he was signaling that they weren’t supposed to pursue him
The video shows a series of PIT maneuvers and an attempted escape by jumping from an overpass