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Video: Wash. cop’s PIT maneuver stops suspect with pipe bombs

During the arrest of the suspect, pipe bombs were found in the trunk

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By Police1 Staff

AUBURN, Wash. — The Auburn Police Department released dashcam of a pursuit involving a suspect who had pipe bombs in his trunk, KOMO News reported.

The video capturing the Aug. 24 incident shows a patrol officer pursuing a man suspected of vandalism. Authorities later discovered bombs in the suspect’s trunk.

The pursuit began after the suspect had driven into a neighborhood and opened several fire hydrants, police officials told the publication. When firefighters arrived, the man went back to his house to grab pipe bombs. Police spotted him, and when they tried to pull him over for vandalism, he kept driving.

The two-minute pursuit ends with the officer ramming into the suspect’s vehicle as he tries to turn around in a driveway. The officer smashed into the suspect’s car several more times as the suspect attempted to drive away.

The officer eventually forced the suspect’s vehicle into a fence. The driver ran off on foot, but was quickly apprehended.

When pipe bombs were discovered in the trunk, a federal bomb disposal unit was called to defuse them.