The Universal Flinch Theory: A picture of reality

The SPEAR SYSTEM represents the first behaviorally based protective personal defense and combative system. All the protective and tactical conversions are triggered off of 'primal instinct' research. The thesis statement for the SPEAR SYSTEM is: "What do our bodies want to do prior to any training? Is there a protective and/or combative application to this response? If so, why aren't we using it as the nucleus of all self-defense measures."

Over two decades of research has been invested into today's SPEAR SYSTEM programs which continue to evolve with new strategic alliances being formed. Every month, more & more professionals discover that this system is the only system that is not gender, age or size specific because the fundamental essence, startle/flinch is made up of hard-wired physiological responses.

The photo below depicts the core essence of S.P.E.A.R.: Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response. Our UNIVERSAL FLINCH THEORY contends that everyone in the world flinches exactly the same relative to their awareness and proximity to the threat (note the ages, gender, sizes). This photo illustrates just that: a crowd of complete strangers seems to move in concert with one another as a broken bat is propelled into the stands. It is this survival reflex that forensics specialists have studied for years. The SPEAR SYSTEM is the first, and only self-defense and combative system to wholly integrate it as the core, the central nervous system of its counter-measures. Now, after almost two decades of research, medical doctors, neuroscientists, police trainers and military combative instructors all over the world are recognizing the power of instinct and intuition.

From this photo an individual who studies the SPEAR SYSTEM can read, dissect and educate their students. Proprietary drills, refined over two decades, are used to replicate primal responses and are then integrated into training so that the cognitive brain acts on the reactive response and converts this protective motion at lightening fast speeds. Of course, we don't use baseball bats, but the above picture clearly illustrates the 'hard-wiring' that makes the SPEAR SYSTEM so unique.

Study the pictures below from various courses. They all integrate startle-flinch conversion:

During a sudden, aggressive attack the cognitive brain cannot process the 'technique'. Instead, the reactive brain overrides, producing a flinch. The SPEAR SYSTEM then converts this primal survival response into protective or combative tactics.

The secret to self-defense isn't muscle-memory, it's tapping survival memory, accessing a DNA-level survival reflex that has kept Man alive since cavemen learned about blunt trauma. Therefore, the constant and operative element of self-defense must be the 'self'. That is why the SPEAR SYSTEM is so effective, it uses natural resources and launches with primal strength & speed.

If you would like to learn more about the SPEAR SYSTEM, please join us at our annual combatives camp. If you would also like a full media package, Email us your street mailing address.

*Be sure to identify if you are LEO/military or a self-defense instructor. Our packages are different and we do verifications. If you are LEO or Mil., you will need to include unit or agency details or you must email us from your government email address.


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