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Stop the Bleed offers new instructor program for police, first responders

The new instructor program is tailored for police and other first responders seeking to teach their communities how to Stop the Bleed

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By Sarah Roebuck

WASHINGTON — In response to the increasing need for Stop the Bleed training, the U.S. Department of Defense has launched a new instructor licensing program for STOP THE BLEED, tailored for police and other first responders.

The new instructor program is designed for police and other first responders seeking to teach their communities or organizations how to control severe bleeding until first responders arrive.

Police and other first responders can become licensed at no charge, and the online application process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Every second counts during a bleeding emergency. Watch this video to learn how to act fast and stop the bleed. Whether you’re a bystander or a first responder, these skills are essential.

Materials for instructors include:

  • Essentials of Stop the Bleed training course
  • Essentials of Stop the Bleed course available in Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew
  • Stop the Bleed style guide
  • Co-branded licensee certificates
  • Co-branded trainee certificates
  • Customizable promotional posters for Stop the Bleed training
  • Step-by-step bleeding emergency care poster
  • Access to the Stop the Bleed virtual skills verification program
  • Licensee portal to access all resources
  • Customizable social media assets
  • Stop the Bleed news updates

Police officers are highly effective instructors, thanks to their training in immediate response and their firsthand experience as first responders, Stop the Bleed states. Officers’ crisis communication skills, developed through police training, allow them to convey vital information clearly and effectively to the public. As instructors, they are adept at creating meaningful connections within their communities, enhancing trust and engagement, which in turn improves safety and national preparedness, according to Stop the Bleed.

To apply for the instructor program, click here.