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Downright dangerous instructing

The video was taken in Argentina to the best of my knowledge

This article originally appeared on The Firearms Blog.

This video was published online in 2010, I’ve got no idea on when exactly it was taken, but it seems to be making its way around social media. When these dangerous instructing videos come out, sometimes they have the smallest portion of merit in the most abstract way.

However in this case, I can’t find any instructional or training value in this guys method of hip firing at targets inches away from a fellow instructor, on fully automatic. I think he is saying something about foot pointing and using the natural way your body points, similar to point shooting, but that is about it as far as any value.

This segment is one out of four, the other clips feature the use of a handgun and a shotgun, completing similar feats of absolutely disregard for any sort of safety. The handgun and shotgun sections I’m a little less weary about because the guy is actually using the sights, but the AK one is inexcusable with the hip firing.

The video was taken in Argentina to the best of my knowledge.


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