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The Up-Beat: Top police heroes of March

Our monthly roundup of cops doing good across the nation

upbeat mar 2022

By Police1 Staff

From small gestures of kindness to incredible acts of heroism, police officers help their communities every day. Our monthly news roundup, The Up-Beat, aims to bring greater attention to these inspiring stories.

This month, we’re highlighting an unlikely friendship, one officer’s contribution to the war in Ukraine and more stories of cops lending a hand. Do you have an uplifting story to share? Email or submit a story using the link below.

HERO OF THE MONTH: Trooper Toni Schuck

Trooper Toni Schuck of the Florida Highway Patrol was the last line of defense for a 10k road race. On March 10, Schuck crashed head-on to stop a suspected drunk driver from barreling into pedestrians. She received widespread praise for her actions and bravery. The dramatic moment was caught by her vehicle’s dash camera.

For Schuck, who was seriously injured in the crash, it is a moment that won’t be easily forgotten.

“I was the last officer. I knew it was me. If it wasn’t me to get her to stop, then who?” Schuck said. FULL STORY

2. ‘He said my life isn’t over’: Trooper and drunk driver form unlikely friendship

A college student with dreams of becoming a police officer thanks Trooper Keenan Jones for saving his life on one fateful night. FULL STORY

3. Texas cop scraps French Riviera vacation to help Ukrainian refugees instead

How can I take a picture on a French beach when there is a war in Europe?” said Lt. Pawel Nabialek FULL STORY

4. Boy, 8, gets police escort after he’s bullied while wearing cop uniform on career day

“This was the most exciting thing that’s happened,” said Michael Martinez, a third grader. FULL STORY

5. Video: Officer ‘shares aloha’ with thief’s stolen ukulele

Officer Marc Guillermo, who hails from Hawaii but now lives in California, is using his hidden talent to show a different side of policing. FULL STORY

A HERO’S HERO: This N.M. woman has been quietly paying cops’ dry cleaning for 5 years

Donna Stryker says she decided to come forward to inspire other small acts of kindness. FULL STORY

Whether it’s your own story, a colleague’s, a neighboring PD’s, or simply something you saw on the internet, submit your good police news to us HERE for a chance to be featured in The Up-Beat.