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Video: Officer ‘shares aloha’ with thief’s stolen ukulele

Officer Marc Guillermo, who hails from Hawaii but now lives in California, is using his hidden talent to show a different side of policing


Rocklin Police Department

By Suzie Ziegler

ROCKLIN, Calif. — Hawaiian Officer Marc Guillermo wants to show the human side of policing.

“Growing up, I was always taught to share the spirit of aloha, to be humble, to be compassionate, caring. You know, and a guardian,” Guillermo told KCRA. Over the weekend, Guillermo found the perfect opportunity to share those values: a thief’s stolen ukulele.

Guillermo was combing through the suspect’s loot to see if anything could identify its owner. That’s when he saw the ukulele.

“As we were laying all the items out, trying to see if we could find anything that has identifying information. I just picked it up, I tuned it a little bit, and started playing, which shocked all my co-workers. They were like, ‘What is going on here?’” Guillermo said.

Guillermo’s partner insisted on recording his talent.

“They are like, ‘You have to share this.’ I’m not usually real candid with all that stuff. I’m pretty shy,” Guillermo said. “It just blew up from there. Co-workers started sharing it.”

Guillermo says his love affair with the ukulele goes back some 20 years. He initially taught himself how to play from YouTube. Now, Guillermo says he hopes the attention will show a different side of policing.

“Law enforcement right now is a tough career but just know, you know, we are fathers, we are sons, or mothers or daughters, and we would take a bullet for you or your family any day, and you know I take pride in it. I enjoy working for the Rocklin Police Department,” he said.

Investigators are working on returning the stolen items, including the ukulele, the report said.