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Speed bumps to be installed on L.A.'s new bridge after ‘dangerous speed displays, exhibitions’

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said the “illegal activity” on the bridge is “drawing limited resources away from more pressing duties”


Photo/Myung J. Chun of Los Angeles Times via TNS

By Sarah Calams

LOS ANGELES — Earlier this week, LAPD officials closed L.A.’s Sixth Street Viaduct bridge for the third night in a row after multiple reports of street takeovers and crashes. Now, speed bumps are being installed to deter “dangerous speed displays and exhibitions,” NBC Los Angeles reported.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said the bridge, which cost the city $588 million, could also see a new center median and fencing to discourage people from scaling archways. The installment, he said, would be temporary. Over the past four days, Moore told NBC Los Angeles that his officers have given nearly 60 citations and impounded six vehicles due to “illegal activity.”

The incidents, he said, are “drawing finite resources, limited resources away from more pressing duties to ensure the safety of this location.”

Additionally, Moore said the department is “not going to arrest our way out of this,” adding that “despite the hundreds of impounds, citations and arrests, we still see the proliferation of this. So, I’m asking for the public’s help, support and assistance.”