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ViaPath Foundation opens grant applications

Foundation dedicated to breaking the cycle of incarceration offers funding for programs working to expand opportunities for at-risk youth and their communities

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. — The ViaPath Foundation, an organization committed to caring for at-risk youth, today announced the opening of its grant application window. Nonprofits are encouraged to apply for $5,000-$50,000 grants to fund new or existing programs that advance the Foundation’s mission by caring for the families of incarcerated individuals. The grant cycle will be open from October 2nd to October 27th. Interested parties can visit the ViaPath Foundation website and submit their information under the “Impact” tab.

ViaPath Technologies, the leading correctional technology firm, launched the ViaPath Foundation last year as part of its mission to ensure equal opportunities for the incarcerated. The Foundation’s goal is to drive down recidivism and break the incarceration cycle by supporting non-profit organizations that work to protect youth impacted by incarceration.

“Ensuring that the family unit stays strong is a key step toward reducing recidivism,” said Shirley Moore Smeal, Board Chair of the ViaPath Foundation. “With these grants, we’re taking a holistic approach toward ensuring that everybody has access to the opportunities and resources they need to live successful, meaningful lives.”

The ViaPath Foundation is centered around providing for the “hidden victims” of incarceration. The children of incarcerated parents can be uprooted at a young age, experiencing stress that can damage their brain development and overall health. In addition, they are significantly more likely to become incarcerated themselves than children without incarcerated parents. The most recent data shows that about half of all incarcerated individuals have at least one child who is a minor – that means about 1.5 million children are paying the price for crimes they didn’t commit.

In the previous grant cycle, the Foundation also supported children in foster care. Although children go into foster care for a variety of reasons, about 20% of children entering foster care have an incarcerated parent. Overall, children in foster care are more likely than their peers to become involved in the criminal justice system themselves.

The Foundation’s grants are designed to offer resources to organizations fighting to protect these children and help returning citizens come home to stable, intact families. For more information, applicants can reach out to

About ViaPath Foundation

The ViaPath Foundation exists to expand the opportunities and improve the lives of at-risk youth and their communities through resources, positive experiences and community engagement. To learn more, visit

About ViaPath Technologies

ViaPath provides advanced communications, technology and management solutions that facilitate meaningful connections, provide educational opportunities, and enable successful reintegration for both current and formerly incarcerated individuals. ViaPath is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, with an employee presence throughout North America. To learn more, please visit