How the 30x30 initiative aims to advance women in policing

Women currently represent only 12% of all LEOs in America. Will you take the 30x30 pledge and promise to change that statistic?


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There are approximately 173,000 women in American law enforcement today, but that only represents about 12% of all LEOs. The 30x30 Initiative aims to address this imbalance and is challenging police departments nationwide to recruit classes of at least 30% women by 2030. 

In this episode of Policing Matters, host Jim Dudley chats with the co-founders of the 30x30 Initiative, Ivonne Roman, former chief of Newark (NJ) Police Department, and Maureen McGough, chief of staff at the Policing Project at the NYU School of Law, about how the initiative aims to assist departments in recruiting more female officers.



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