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A police leader’s wishlist for 2024

We asked police chiefs what big purchase they would make for their department if they knew the budget would be approved

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In law enforcement, budget constraints are a significant challenge faced by agencies striving to maintain high standards of safety and effectiveness. The desire for state-of-the-art equipment and resources is often hampered by tight financial limitations.

In this context, Police1’s “Leadership Beat” column asked current police chiefs: if budgetary restrictions were not a concern and approval for funding was guaranteed, what significant purchase would they choose to make for their department?

Here’s what they said:

- A new police headquarters to replace ours which is nearing 75 years in age. — Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama

- A comprehensive wellness plan, including technology to track individuals’ activity and progress as well as funding for additional training facilities, physical fitness time and various health programs. — New Mexico State Police Chief W. Troy Weisler

- Additional staffing, because it would allow for more safety services for the community and flexibility for our officers to take additional time to enjoy their lives outside of work. — Wright State University Public Safety Chief Kurt Holden

- Officer wellness opportunities and training equipment. — University Circle Police Department Chief Tom Wetzel

- A new police station to help with recruitment and retention. Evanston Police Department Schenita Stewart

- It would absolutely be staffing: appropriate staffing is the nexus to officer health, happiness, safety, clear thinking, good decision-making and professional public service. — City of North St. Paul Chief Phil Baebenroth

- I would purchase healthy daily meals for my department members because healthy eating encourages healthy lifestyles. — Oceanside Police Chief Kedrick Sadler

- Patrol vehicle replacement. — Greensboro Police Department Chief George Paugh

- Realizing healthy employees are key to providing high-level professional service, I would fund a wellness and training center for our staff, which would include classrooms, individual relaxation/recovery (restorative rest areas), a private area for mental health check-ins, a chef to prepare healthy meals and a study/training area. — Fremont Police Chief Sean Washington

- If I had one budget request, it would be for a new headquarters. — Pocatello Police Chief Roger Schei

If money was no object, what one item would you like your agency to purchase? Email