10 funniest police viral videos of 2016

From dancing to pop hits to yelling at farm animals, check out these hilarious videos

By Police1 Staff

We all know policing can be stressful, which is why it’s important that the men and women in blue blow off a little steam every once in awhile. This year featured a ton of great videos capturing the lighter side of law enforcement - from cops catching Pokémon to terrorizing creepy clowns. We collected ten of our favorite police humor videos from this year. Check them out, have a laugh, and be sure to check out the rest of our 2016 End of Year special coverage

10. Calif. deputy yells at bear, bear appears to listen
The Placer County Sheriff's Office had an animal visitor who came to dig through trash cans - until a deputy put a stop to the madness.

9. 'Most interesting sheriff' anti-drug clip goes viral
An Ohio sheriff’s hilarious parody of the famous Dos Equis commercials is for a good cause: the battle against drug dealers. 

8. Ga. police pursue Pokémon
Officers with the Locust Grove Police Department were captured on camera chasing Pokémon as part of a Public Service Announcement on staying safe while playing the wildly popular “Pokémon Go” game.

7. Maine officer's takedown of cows goes viral
Officer Ernest MacVane responded to two young cows that escaped and wandered onto a road. As the farm animals ran away, MacVane yelled "Don't run from me — I'm the police! Down on the ground, stop resisting!" Don’t have a cow, man. 

6. Texas cop, ‘Star Wars’ stormtrooper hit the range in viral recruitment clip
In a video intended to recruit more officers, a Texas department took a stormtrooper out to the range to promote the PD’s newest academy class. Poking fun at the poor shooting skills of the Galactic Empire’s ground force, the clip shows the stormtrooper missing a target multiple times, despite an officer’s attempts to show him how it’s done. Darth Vader makes a special appearance.

5. Ind. troopers lip sync to ‘Grease’
While on patrol at the state fair, the Indiana State Police jammed out to "Summer Nights” and choreographed some moves to “Pink Panther.”

4. Mass. police turn the tables on creepy clowns in PSA
Chief Robert Szala of the Dartmouth Police Department released a video PSA with a serious message of zero tolerance on a string of incidents involving creepy clowns.

3. Batman's police ridealong ends badly
The same department that brought you the “Star Wars” recruiting videos recruited Batman himself for a ridealong. In the video, the Dark Knight one-ups the officer at every opportunity — criticizing the officer’s cruiser, how he receives calls, and even what he’s eating for lunch.

2. Kevin Hart gets stopped by the police
With comedian Kevin Hart, anything can happen. Hart documented his run-in with the cops while on his daily jog. 

1. University of Del. police dance to #CoplineBling
In this parody of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” officers showed off their moves and garnered some cool points in the process. 

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