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908 Devices makes point-of-need chemical and biomolecular analysis devices ranging from rugged, handheld chemical detection tools to compact, tiny footprint analyzers and fast separation devices. These purpose-built and user-centric devices serve a range of industries including field forensics, life sciences, and other applied markets.

The MX908 is a multi-mission tool utilized by elite responders conducting priority drug, chemical, explosive, and HazMat operations around the world. Powered by mass spec, users can conduct field analysis of unknown substances at trace levels to generate actionable intelligence in real time. The MX908 allows operators to rapidly assess threat levels, establish reliable probable cause, and prioritize investigatory resources accordingly, all while reducing operator exposure.

· Detect 2,000+ novel fentanyl analogs; no library updates required

· Detect trace priority drugs within bulk cutting agents

· Exterior package sampling limits exposure risk

· Results in 60 seconds to expedite mitigation or prosecution

· Classified as a Category A technique

· Electronic records preserve data integrity

908 Devices is headquartered in the heart of Boston where we research, design and manufacture innovative products based on high-pressure mass spectrometryTM (HPMS) and microfluidic separation technology. For more information, visit

Address: 645 Summer Street
Zip Code: 02210
Location: BOSTON, Massachusetts
Main Phone Number: 857.254.1500
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