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7TS Series: Concealed Edition

“The main purpose of concealed carry is you don’t want people to know you have a firearm,” says Donnie Myers, owner of 295 Tactical. To help you maintain a low profile, the Safariland® 7378 7TS concealment holster is offered with different belt mounting accessories, including paddle, clip-on and belt slide versions. All are designed to ensure a snug fit on the waistband, and reduce printing on the outside of clothing. A highly qualified instructor, Myers has over 35 years experience of safe handling of firearms. He teaches a variety of firearms courses to security and law enforcement professionals, as well as home firearm safety and range safety. The 7TS Concealment Holster features the ALS® Automatic Locking System to secure the firearm once holstered. “A natural gripping motion will unlock the firearm. Nice smooth draw, and upon returning the firearm to the holster it locks and secures it automatically,” says Myers.

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