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Agencies hundreds of miles a part fight a common reptilian foe

While police removed a 4-foot boa from an North Carolina home, Florida officers relocated a poisonous rattlesnake hiding on a resident’s property


Photo/Facebook via High Point PD

By Ashley Silver

North Carolina and Florida officers can now add “snake whisperer” to their resumes after LEOs in both states found themselves scales to face with a 4-foot Columbian Red Tail boa and a Diamondback rattlesnake in two separate incidents this week.

High Point (N.C.) Police were called to a North Carolina home when a resident noticed a large boa constrictor on their roof, according to Officers responded but were only able to locate the reptile after a second resident reported the snake was now on their roof.

Animal Control Officer Owens climbed to the roof and recovered the snake, allowing it to wrap its body around her neck until she reached the ground. The snake was nonvenomous according to the officer. She theorized the snake was someone’s pet that managed to escape.

The snake was eventually transported to the Piedmont Reptile Rescue, where officials will decide whether the reptile will be adopted or remain in the rescue center.

Some 700 miles away, Florida officers were busy wrangling another reptilian friend in Lee County. reported the Lee County Sheriff’s Officer received a call about a rambunctious snake hiding in the bushes near a home. The noisy reptile would later be identified as a highly venomous Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake.

“Deputy Jim VanPelt, who is licensed through FWC as a large constrictor contractor, used his training and experience to wrangle this large rattler using proper equipment,” the sheriff’s office told

VanPelt and fellow first responders were able to successfully relocate the rattler to a “desolate area” with room to hunt and hide.

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