Maine state trooper says pay freeze forced him to feed family road kill

Trooper Jon Brown says the '09 freeze has his family struggling to make ends meet

By Police1 Staff

BANGOR, Maine — A Maine state trooper testifying in support of a bill that would restore six million dollars to state funds admitted to resorting to road kill in desperate times when his family of six was hungry.

"I do not hesitate to collect a deer carcass from the roadway; this is necessary to provide for my family," Trooper Jon Brown said, according to New York Daily News.

Brown and Trooper Elgin Physic both claim that Maine’s wage freeze from 2009 has them scraping to get by.

"Due to the merit stoppage, this year, I had to sell my wife's engagement ring, military souvenirs from the war and other personal items just to make ends," Physic said.

Brown and Physic made it clear that they were not merely asking for a pay increase, but for the state to hold up its end of an agreement it made when Brown and Physic joined the force, according to the report.

"I just want to make it clear," Physic said. "It's really about the agreement that was made by our union and the state."

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