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Suspect tries to steal from Walmart, finds store filled with deputies

There were close to 40 deputies inside the store for a “Shop With a Cop” event


By Madeleine Marr
Miami Herald

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — He must have not gotten the memo.

A Florida man was arrested at a Walmart in St. Cloud, Florida, according to a Thursday Facebook post from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Call it a case of terrible timing. Apparently, this individual picked the worst possible day to do wrong: a Shop with a Cop event, helping families in need buy necessities with the help of police officers.

“Seriously we just can’t make this up,” begins the sheriff’s office news release. “Brad decided to steal from our good neighbors and partners at Walmart in St. Cloud while we were conducting the Shop With a Cop event with the children of our community,” says the Facebook post. “Bad news, Brad!

The agency goes on to explain the store was “full of deputies,” close to 40 of them, on top of the folks from the forensics and community services teams and even Osceola Sheriff Marcos Lopez himself.

“Bad idea, Brad,” repeats the post, which shows a picture of the defendant, cuffed with his hands behind his back, looking glum.

Among the photos appears to be some of the things that the suspect reportedly took, including a bottle of Versace perfume.

Some commenters couldn’t get over the irony, another saw it as an opportunity for the kids there to learn a valuable lesson.

“He didn’t know you guys were going to be there (sarcasm), he thought it was going to be a regular shoplifting day for him,” wrote in one. “Two jobs at the same time, arresting him and teaching the kids why you shouldn’t do that!”

“The law enforcement vehicles in the parking lot didn’t give you a clue?” asked another social media user rhetorically.

And yet another summed up the situation: “Call it the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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