Trending Topics: When an arrest comes easy

By Police1 Staff

Every once in a while, criminals make cops' lives a little easier with the baffling decisions they choose to make. In this week’s ‘Trending Topics,’ we take a look at five arrests that were handed to police on a silver platter. 

Suspect drives stolen car to Wash. State Patrol office

Detectives said it was the easiest auto theft arrest they'd ever had.


NY man walks into trooper's car, gets charged with DWI

While the trooper was gassing up, the suspect parked next to the trooper's car, got out and walked directly into it.


Fla. man shoots self during robbery, flags down cop

Suspect robbed a person of a phone and accidentally shot himself while fleeing the scene.

Ind. minors show up drunk to bail out friend, arrested

After explaining why it wasn't wise to go to a police station drunk, officers arrested the pair and took them into jail.

Mich. woman drives drunk into jail parking lot, arrested

Woman informed deputies she thought she was parking in front of another bar.



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