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Video: Stephen Colbert jabs at citizens filming cops

Citizen activist Jimmy Justice’s goal is ‘exposing police misconduct’

By Police1 Staff

The Colbert Report recently aired a bit that takes a poke at one citizen activist who films police officers with the goal of “exposing police misconduct.”

Colbert’s target of ridicule is Jimmy Justice, and he is seen sticking his camera in officers’ faces, loudly pointing out minute details of their actions that he deems to be in the wrong.

The self-proclaimed hero has his own YouTube channel where he posts footage of police in New York. With titles like “Traffic cop makes illegal U-Turn,” most of the videos turn into lengthy arguments between citizen and cop that just seem — as his on-screen “sidekick” in the Colbert clip puts it — “really, really, really annoying.”

As more and more YouTube users take to the streets with their cameras, chances are you may have run into your own Jimmy Justice on patrol. Watch the video, and when you’re done rolling your eyes, tell us what you think.