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Report: Hiring standards may be lowered to meet Border Patrol staffing goal

A memo states the department may need to change its hiring process to reach Trump’s desired number of agents


In this Wednesday, June 22, 2016, file photo, Border Patrol agents look over the primary fence separating Tijuana, Mexico, right, and San Diego in San Diego.

AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File

By Police1 Staff

WASHINGTON — Government memos suggest Customs and Border Protection officials might need to change their hiring standards to reach President Trump’s desired number of agents.

CBP acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said in the memos, obtained by Foreign Policy, that the department may need to make some changes to increase the number of their agents from 19,627 to 26,370.

According to The Hill, the changes would include waiving some polygraph requirements, relaxing the entrance exam and background investigation. It would cost $2.2 billion over five years to reach goal numbers.

McAleenan did not address the memos directly in an interview with the publication, but said the agency faces “headwinds.”

“[Homeland Security Secretary John] Kelly has made it absolutely clear we are not going to lower standards to speed up hiring,” he added.