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Calif. driver arrested after ramming into multiple patrol vehicles, striking officer

As the suspect started to drive away, he backed into a cruiser, hitting an officer in the process; the suspect then drove the wrong way on a highway


The suspect, identified as Wayne West Jr., allegedly hit a police officer after taking control of the car from an unnamed driver.

Merced Police Department

By Joanna Putman

MERCED, Calif. — A suspect has been arrested after being accused of intentionally ramming into multiple cruisers and fleeing a traffic stop, ABC 30 reports.

When officers conducted a traffic stop on Sep. 7, the suspect, identified as Wayne West Jr., was sitting in the passenger seat, police said. As the officers spoke with the driver, West Jr. suddenly moved on top of the driver in an attempt to drive away.

Police pulled the driver from the car, and attempted to get into the car with West Jr. He drove the car forward, crashing into one police car, and then backward into another, hitting an officer in the process.

He then drove the wrong way on the highway to get away. Out of concern for public safety, police did not pursue the car.

Officers found the car and West Jr. less than an hour later, police said. He was found to have several outstanding warrants and was arrested with additional charges including attempted homicide of a police officer and evading arrest.