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Capital punishment

Jim and Doug discuss whether or not such a policy targeting “large-scale drug dealers” might become a judicial quagmire
Jim and Doug sit down with author Alex Gerould to discuss how “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” came to be and what lessons it offers for readers
Patrick McDowell pleaded guilty to the shooting death of Nassau County Deputy Joshua Moyers at a traffic stop in 2021
Billy Clardy III was shot and killed while working on an undercover drug operation
Sentencing in the death of a McKeesport officer may run against Gov. Josh Shapiro’s call for lawmakers to repeal the death penalty
A veteran officer called the killing “horrific,” saying “it’s the worst one I’ve seen, certainly in 22 years”
“I would like to apologize to Mark and the Nix family for taking him away from you. I hope this brings you closure,” inmate Wesley Ruiz said
Randy Halprin was part of a gang of prisoners who fatally shot a police officer in 2000 after they escaped from prison
The state Supreme Court has denied two stays and the governor announced he would not grant clemency to Kevin Johnson
Odraye Jones’ death sentence was revoked last year after three judges decided his sentence for the murder of Officer William D. Glover was tainted with racism
Richmond Police Department Officer Seara Burton died Sept. 18 from a gunshot wound to the head after she was taken off life support Sept. 1
“We need to do some reforms to be better serving victims of crimes and the families of victims of crimes.”
Carl Wayne Buntion, 78, was executed Thursday evening for the June 1990 fatal shooting of Houston police officer James Irby
Carl Wayne Buntion had been on parole just six weeks when he shot Officer James Irby during a traffic stop
Jurors in November found Markeith Loyd guilty in the January 2017 death of Lt. Debra Clayton, and unanimously recommended a death sentence
In a major shift, Dist. Atty. George Gascón will now consider harsher penalties for “extraordinary” cases
“We have to make it clear we have our officers’ backs,” said State Rep. Darren Bailey
Officer Richard Houston was fatally shot Friday in a supermarket parking lot while responding to a disturbance
Julius Jones, who has long maintained his innocence, is scheduled to be executed Thursday
A jury sentenced Steven Wiggins to death for fatally shooting Sgt. Daniel Baker in 2018 before setting fire to his patrol car with his body inside
Prosecutors argued that the defendant was a sociopath who poses a danger to the community
Eric Matthew Frein’s execution date has been set for June 22, but it is unclear if it will actually be carried out
The U.S. Supreme Court issued a temporary stay to consider last-minute appeals and then denied the inmate’s petitions
Nathaniel Woods is scheduled to receive a lethal injection unless the governor or courts intervene
Nathaniel Woods, who is sentenced to die March 5, is one of two men charged in the 2004 ambush killings
“I think it did send a message today. If you kill a cop in Texas, we’ll give you a fair trial, but you’re gonna die”
Zach Moak and James White were killed when responding to a 2018 call of shots fired at a home
The inmate is one of seven escaped prisoners blamed for the 2000 slaying of a Dallas-area police officer