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Capital Punishment

Jim and Doug discuss whether or not such a policy targeting “large-scale drug dealers” might become a judicial quagmire
Jim and Doug sit down with author Alex Gerould to discuss how “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” came to be and what lessons it offers for readers
Sentencing in the death of a McKeesport officer may run against Gov. Josh Shapiro’s call for lawmakers to repeal the death penalty
A veteran officer called the killing “horrific,” saying “it’s the worst one I’ve seen, certainly in 22 years”
“I would like to apologize to Mark and the Nix family for taking him away from you. I hope this brings you closure,” inmate Wesley Ruiz said
Randy Halprin was part of a gang of prisoners who fatally shot a police officer in 2000 after they escaped from prison
The state Supreme Court has denied two stays and the governor announced he would not grant clemency to Kevin Johnson
Odraye Jones’ death sentence was revoked last year after three judges decided his sentence for the murder of Officer William D. Glover was tainted with racism
Richmond Police Department Officer Seara Burton died Sept. 18 from a gunshot wound to the head after she was taken off life support Sept. 1
“We need to do some reforms to be better serving victims of crimes and the families of victims of crimes.”