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Policing Matters Podcast: Riveting new book explores crime, race, gangs and the death penalty

Jim and Doug sit down with author Alex Gerould to discuss how “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” came to be and what lessons it offers for readers

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A new non-fiction book entitled “The Valley of the Shadow of Death — A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption” is a riveting read about crime, race, gangs, the death penalty, and African American victims of violent crime. It was co-authored by former NFL defensive back Kermit Alexander, with Criminal Justice Professors Alex Gerould and Jeff Snipes. Alexander’s mother, sister, and two nephews were brutally murdered on August 31, 1984. Publisher’s Weekly called the book a “compelling narrative that rivals a first-rate thriller,” and that description is completely accurate. In this podcast segment, Jim and Doug sit down with Professor Gerould to discuss how the book came to be and what lessons it offers for readers.

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