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If you feel you are policing in an untenable environment, avoid doing anything rash and irreversible without first considering all your options
They say hindsight is 20/20
Jonathan and Matthew Burgess juggle the demands of their firefighter and LE careers with their built-from-the-ground-up food business
Like any relationship, a mentorship – whether you’re the mentor or mentee – takes time to develop
On the first traffic stop I made alone it never crossed my mind that ‘Malarkey’ probably wasn’t the driver’s name
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War stories are a tradition in public safety and there is no question that cops may be the best storytellers of all
During these turbulent times for law enforcement, some officers are questioning whether they should remain in the profession
The police officer is woven from precious fabric, cut from cloth that most will never have the courage or the conviction to wear
Securing federal, state, corporate and private grants to enhance your officer retention strategies may be one of the best ways to fund your efforts
A formal plan that allows officers to grow and develop new skill sets will pay back dividends to your officers, your agency and your community
Becoming an effective public speaker can elevate the success of both your agency and your career
There are key steps officers can take throughout their LE career in preparation to teach in an academic program
It is critical to constantly take an inventory of your skills and remain humble enough to address deficiencies