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Minneapolis PD holds ‘historic’ first meeting under agreement to revamp policing

The main topic of discussion at the court-ordered reform meeting was the circumstances under which officers employ force


FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul

By Sarah Roebuck

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis Police Department held its first meeting to help outline the future of policing in the city, CBS News Minnesota reports.

This series of meetings are mandated following an investigation by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, which uncovered a pattern of racial discrimination spanning several years.

Police Chief Brian O’Hara started Tuesday night’s meeting, which he described as historic, emphasizing the aim to gather community feedback to foster a safer city. This gathering marks the first in a series of many, pursuant to a court-ordered reform. The premier topic of discussion was the circumstances under which officers employ force.

Residents of Minneapolis and those interested in the process filled the venue, arranged with chairs set in circles. The gathering offered an opportunity for attendees to understand the use of force policy and subsequently provide their feedback.

During breakout sessions, participants expressed their views on what they believe should be included in a use-of-force policy for the department, and how the department can foster better understanding between officers and the community.

Stops, arrests, searches and non-discriminatory policing are among future topics for these meetings.