NYPD commish defends 'work in progress' retraining program

Officers attending training were reportedly told to 'close their eyes' and do breathing exercises during tense situations

By Police1 Staff

NEW YORK — New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton defended the agency’s new training Tuesday in response to the New York Post’s report of widespread criticism of the program from officers who have participated in it.

The Post reports Bratton refuted claims that the majority of cops found the program to be a “waste of time,” citing initial polling figures that reportedly show that 70 percent of officers thought the training “would improve their ability to manage conflict on the street.”

The news source previously reported officers attending the training were told to ‘close their eyes’ and do breathing exercises during tense situations.

The retraining was born out of the department’s attempts for reform in the wake of the controversial in-custody death of Eric Garner. 

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