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Ohio PD appoints 4 new deputy chiefs to replace those who took $500K retirement buyout

Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant announced that the four new deputy chiefs will begin their new roles in February


Photo/YouTube Columbus PD

By Ashley Silver

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Columbus police have appointed four new deputy chiefs to replace former deputy chiefs who accepted a voluntary $500,000 retirement buyout last year.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that Chief Elaine Bryant announced the four new deputy chiefs will begin their new duties in February. The officers stepping into the new roles are Robert Sagle, 44, who joined the division of police in 2000; Nicholas Konves, 37, who joined in 2007; Elrico Alli, 47, who became a Columbus officer in 2003; and Tim Myers, 36, who joined the force in 2008.

The new deputy chiefs are replacing Tim Becker, Jennifer Knight, Kenneth Kuebler and Thomas Quinlan, who accepted the $500,000 retirement buyout last year after accruing at least 25 years of experience.

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