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Predicting the future of policing

Policing is essential for community safety, but what does the future hold for law enforcement?


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We are at a crossroads in policing with so many issues unfolding. What are the long-term effects on law enforcement of defunding, COVID-19, the recruitment crisis and public perception? What about AI? Technology? Less lethal weapons? How do all these things impact officer safety and morale? Wouldn’t it be great to get a glimpse into the future to give assurance to our veteran officers and their families to stay the course and to let new candidates know policing is still a noble profession worth entering?

Today’s guest on Policing Matters is Scott A. Cunningham, a 38-year police professional with 12 years as a chief of police. He holds a Ph.D. in Adult Education and Organizational Management; teaches police officers, students, citizens and communities on numerous topics; and is a team leader for CALEA. Scott recently authored, “The Future of Policing: 200 Recommendations to Enhance Policing and Community Safety,” and shares his top recommendations during a conversation with podcast host Jim Dudley.

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