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Quiz: Which leadership style fits you best as a police leader?

Take our quick quiz to find out which style is closest to your natural leadership tendencies


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By Police1 Staff

How do you make important decisions? And what approach do you tend to take when communicating with your officers?

In the quiz below, read each statement and select the option that best reflects your leadership style. Be honest with yourself and choose the response that you feel is closest to your natural leadership tendencies.

[To download a printable version of this leadership style screening for your reference or sharing at your agency, complete the box below.]

Which type of leadership style did you get? Make sure to share your results and ask your colleagues to see if their results match their leadership style, and check out the following articles to further expand your knowledge:

Lastly, remember: leadership style is not fixed and can change depending on the situation. Use this quiz as a guide to better understand your natural tendencies and explore ways to develop a more flexible leadership style that can adapt to different circumstances.