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‘Zero Bail Fail': Calif. suspect jailed 4 times for attacking officers, robbery, released each time

The Alameda Sheriff’s Office posted four separate booking photos of the suspect using the hashtag #ZeroBailFail

Mercury News

SAN FRANCISCO — The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is publicizing the latest arrest of a man who has been arrested multiple times and released on zero bail, only to be arrested again.

In social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, the sheriff’s office posted four booking photo images of Aubrey Crowder with the hashtag #ZeroBailFail.

The posts said Crowder has been arrested four times since March 27 for alleged robbery, assaults on officers, trespassing, drug and court order violations.

Crowder was released again after trying to assault deputies, the sheriff’s office said.

“A judge failed to sign our bail hold request. It’s likely we see him again,” the post said.

Last month, the California Judicial Council issued an order in an effort to protect inmates’ health during the new coronavirus pandemic by reducing overcrowding at jails.

Law enforcement agencies and local prosecutors have railed against the zero bail releases of suspects, and say some of those being released should not be eligible for bail and are often repeat offenders while out on bail.

However, an appeals court ruled defendants can still be held without bail on a judge’s order despite the zero bail policy. Police and prosecutors would need to get the suspect to court to argue against release in front of a judge.

In response to comments on the social media posts that the sheriff’s office was simply using Crowder’s image to fit a narrative without offering him help, the sheriff’s office responded, “We would like an opportunity to intervene and get a fighting chance to get reoffenders into sobriety, rehab programs, education and other services we provide. The Zero Bail does not allow us to hit pause and start those services. We want to help these folks not see them reoffend.”