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10 police-themed books for your kids

Next time you select a book for you child, consider these LEO-themed reads.

This article was updated on February 4, 2018.

There are many benefits of reading to children at a young age — some even suggest starting at infancy.

But what if you could foster a love of reading along with helping your child understand the role of your profession in your community? These nine police-themed children’s books might do the trick.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

1. Topsy and Tim Meet the Police By Jean Adamson

Topsy and Tim, a brother and sister duo, find themselves learning the importance of safety when their class is visited by two police officers. The book addresses safe place for children to play, and warning signs to look for that may indicate a dangerous situation.

2. I’m Afraid Your Teddy Is in Trouble Today By Jancee Dunn

A mischievous teddy bear and his friends get in trouble with the police in this tale that teaches your kids the importance of being responsible.

3. Daddy, I Worry About You By Clarke Paris

Through a heartwarming story, Clarke Paris helps young audiences build the courage to discuss their fears of losing an LEO parent. “Daddy, I Worry About You” is a great tool for law enforcement families to start the dialogue about this real issue.

4. Police: Hurrying! Helping! Saving! By Patricia Hubbell

Through colorful pages and an upbeat text, “Police: Hurrying! Helping! Saving!” helps children reiterates how police help their communities and keep the peace. This book could also be a nice talking point to your child about the importance of LEOs in each community.

5. Let’s Meet A Police Officer By Gina Bellisario

Officer Gabby gives a closer look at the tools officers use day to day and what team safety means in a police department. Explore more about police cars, police dogs and some of the equipment LEOs use, regularly. This book is interactive and allows readers to “go on assignment” with Officer Gabby.

6. Big Mike’s Police Car By Leslie McGuire

Explore Big Mike’s police car to learn about a typical day with Big Mike. The detailed illustrations help children identify different types of police gear. This book will help your child identify all the items found on your dinner table.

7. A Day At The Police Station By Richard Scarry

One of many awesome Richard Scarry books, “A Day At The Police Station” follows Sergeant Murphey through a day of wild adventure helping the people of Busytown stay safe and protected. This book will keep your children entertained and laughing while learning about traffic and safety.

8. Keeping You Safe: A Book About Police Officers By Ann Owen

A great introduction into the basics of what mommy or daddy does. The big illustrations will help teach your kids about some of the ways police officers keep the community safe.

9. Busy People: Police Officer By Lucy George

Officer Seth who is working at a festival for the day (don’t worry it’s not Coachella or Bonnaroo), and comes across a car stuck in the mud and a little boy who needs help. This book comes with a list of terms and topics to spark a conversation about law enforcement.

10. Officer Dan Looks For Clues By Daniel Anselment

For older children, “Officer Dan Looks For Clues” is a great introduction to forensic science. The book offers a behind the scenes look at how officers solve crime without the emphasis on violence. This book is great for a child that is interested in more than the basics of what police officers do. This book could be a catalyst for explorer program interest.