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Citizen Police Academy

There are several ways to build police-community trust that have little to no impact on the fiscal budget
Nurturing positive community relationships is an integral part of maintaining a positive trajectory for police morale, enthusiasm and commitment
Following the TRUST model will help transform your law enforcement organization into a fully unified, community policing agency
Does your department keep a list of possible projects for grant-funding opportunities?
In this podcast segment, Jim and Doug discuss best practices for putting on a Citizens’ Police Academy
Lee Coel fatally shot Mary Knowlton while participating in a “shoot/don’t shoot” exercise during a citizens academy
Doug and Jim also offer lessons from law enforcement’s handling of Super Bowl 50 that agencies can use when preparing for their own large scale event
When we as police instructors discuss the why of what we do as well as how we do it, greater understanding, trust, and cooperation can be garnered from members of the community
Because hope is not a strategy and luck is not a tactic, police agencies are well-served when the training unit builds a special use-of-force training day for the public, the press, and the politicians
Citizen Academies are typically offered once a year, free of charge, to civilians 18 and older with no criminal history